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: Christian Fellowship members arise and started to tell the world that Jesus Lives.

What had I experience in this Christian Fellowship

Kam Sia Chu (PRAISE GOD)! Finally I have finished my race for this activity. I had experience a lot of things from this Christian Fellowship (CF). The reason why I choose to join this society it is because that we as members can share Christ to non-Christian members who join us too. The main objective of CF is to build up a strong foundation and relationship with our God in Heaven. I really believe that this CF will grew every single Saturday and every year. So, I really thank all our ex-committees: Low Chia-Ming (chairman), Edmund Leong (vice-chairman), Sammuel Ong (secretary), and Madam Choo Mei Lan (teacher Advisor) for their help.

I experience the love of God, because I know He first loves us. He will never forsake us. God also will never leave us alone when we’re facing difficulties. When we’re facing any triumph, testing and anxiety, God is always with us. That is we call Him Emmanuel, it simply means God is with us. Amen!

What activities do Christian Fellowship done in year 2007/2008?

Wow!!! We did a lot of events in the Year2007/ 2008. Such as the leader training by SU center, shared by Puan Choo Mei Lan and Pragas (formerly a youth director of EPCC), Prayer meeting every Thursday and Friday morning 7.00 am sharp, beach outing, floor ball conducted by Chia Ming and Sammuel Ong, beach outing to Miami Beach conducted by Vivian Choon and me, farewell party, great relationship with the members, video presentation like the Passion Of Christ, basic education of Praise and Worship and more! lets check it out men!!!!

CF members, we must pray very hard if not enemy will come to kill, steal and destroy our life. We must ask God to protect us so that enemy cannot come into our life so easily. I hope this CF group will continue to grow strong in the Lord. I have a passion for this CF that the next committee members, I would like to encourage you all to pray before you all conduct any events, activities or anything. Ask God to guide you all and I believe this CF will grow and be fire for our God. Amen! I hope to hear from all of you on the growth of CF. If possible, e-mail me at gabriel_yapal@hotmail.com and tell me more about it. May God bless all of you, and May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

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check it out!!!!


check it out how God did A wonderful work in others country.







Pangas fish (Dory Fish)‏

A lot of the cafes and coffee houses use Dory fish for their fish & chips!
Please share this forwarded article with your family!It is called Sutchi and I saw many housewives snatching up the fish at supermarkets as they are really reasonably priced. The fish looks good but read the article and you will be shocked.My friend who deals with seafood confirmed that this is true. This product is from Vietnam and unless you know the right supplier which most of us won't, so be safe!Hi all:Sutchi is sold in Singapore supermarkets and I've got a stinking feeling its the same thing!To be 100% sure that we're not eating Pangas, better not order fish n chips when eating out!! Do you eat this frozen fish called Pangas ?( Pangasius, Vietnamese River Cobbler, White Catfish, Gray Sole ) http://www.dietmindspirit.org/2008/01/30/why-you-shouldnt-eat-this-fish-pangas-pangasius-vietnamese-river-cobbler-white-catfish-gray-sole http://www.whytraveltofrance.com/2008/01/30/why-you-shouldnt-eat-pangas-fish-in-france-or-anywhere-else-for-that-matter There is a video in French languageIndustrially farmed in Vietnam along the Mekong River , Pangas or whatever they're calling it, has only been recently introduced to the French market. However, in a very short amount of time, it has grown in popularity in France . The French are slurping up Pangas like it's their last meal of soup noodles. They are very, very affordable (cheap), are sold in filets with no bones and they have a neutral (bland) flavor and texture; many would compare it to cod and sole, only much cheaper. But as tasty as some people may find it, there's, in fact, something hugely unsavory about it. I hope the information provided here will serve as very important information for you and your future choices. Here's why I think it is better left in the shops (and not on your dinner plates): 1. Pangas are teeming with high levels of poisons and bacteria. ( industrial effluents, arsenic, and toxic and hazardous by-products of the growing industrial sector, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), DDT and its metabolites (DDTs), metal contaminants, chlordane-related compounds (CHLs), hexachlorocyclohexane isomers (HCHs), and hexachlorobenzene (HCB) ). The reasons are that the Mekong River is one of the most polluted rivers on the planet and this is where pangas are farmed and industries along the river dump chemicals and industrial waste directly into it. To Note: a friend lab tests these fish and tells us to avoid eating them due to high amounts of contamination. Regardless of the reports and recommendations against selling them, the supermarkets still sell them to the general public knowing they are contaminated.2. They freeze Pangas in contaminated river water. 3. Pangas are not environmentally sustainable, a most unsustainable food you could possibly eat - 'Buy local' means creating the least amount of environmental harm as possible. This is the very opposite end of the spectrum of sustainable consumerism. Pangas are raised in Vietnam . Pangas are fed food that comes from Peru ( more on that below ), their hormones ( which are injected into the female Pangas ) come from Chin a . ( More about that below ) and finally, they are transported from Vietnam to France . That's not just a giant carbon foot print, that's a carbon continent of a foot print.4. There's nothing natural about Pangas - They're fed dead fish remnants and bones, dried and ground into a flour, from South America , manioc ( cassava ) and residue from soy and grains. This kind of nourishment doesn't even remotely resemble what they eat in nature. But what it does resemble is the method of feeding mad cows ( cows were fed cows, remember? ). What they feed pangas is completely unregulated so there are most likely other dangerous substances and hormones thrown into the mix. The pangas grow at a speed light ( practically! ) : 4 times faster than in nature¡Kso it makes you wonder what exactly is in their food? Your guess is as good as mine. 5. Pangas are Injected with Hormones Derived from Urine - I don't know how someone came up with this one out but they've discovered that if they inject female Pangas with hormones made from the dehydrated urine of pregnant women, the female Pangas grow much quicker and produce eggs faster ( one Panga can lay approximately 500,000 eggs at one time ). Essentially, they're injecting fish with hormones ( they come all of the way from a pharmaceutical company in Chin a ) to speed up the process of growth and reproduction. That isn't good. Some of you might not mind eating fish injected with dehydrated pee, so if you don't, good for you, but just consider the rest of the reasons to NOT eat it..6. You get what you pay for - and then some. Don't be lured in by insanely cheap price of Pangas. Is it worth risking your health and the health of your family?7. Buying Pangas supports unscrupulous, greedy evil corporations and food conglomerates that don't care about the health and well-being of human beings. They only are concerned about selling as many pangas as possible to unsuspecting consumers. These corporations only care about selling and making more money at whatever cost to the public.8. Pangas will make you sick - If ( for reasons in #1 above ) you don't get immediately ill with vomiting, diarrhea and effects from severe food poisoning, congratulations, you have an iron stomach! But you're still ingesting POISON not poisson.Final important note: Because of the prodigious amount of availability of Pangas, be warned that they will certainly find their way into other foods: surimi ( those pressed fish things, imitation crab sticks ), fish sticks, fish terrines, and probably in some pet foods. ( Warn your dogs and cats and hamsters and gerbils and even your pet fish! ) So, when you do your next round of shopping of frozen fish,or eating out at cafes / food stalls by choosing fish-&-chips, think twice !!You have been warned !!! http://worldofpangasius.com/?open=new&id=28

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