Thursday, August 27, 2009

2nd Semester 09 just started recently

I am so happy when school reopen because it is new day what God has install for us and I get to enter semester 2. Surprisingly, all the subjects that we going to take is totally different, we thought we are going to take psychology, medico-legal and etc.

Here are new subjects we are going to take Anatomy and physiology part two, medical pharmacology Burn and Scald, Supply oxygenation and etc.

Moreover,we are happy to come back to school. but the bad news is some of our friend are going to different hospital. But we guys are happy too because we all are going to General Hospital for practical. And Gods really hears my pray we have to go to practical on every Mon to Fri only. Without Prays I totally no time for God.

But I believe God has a plan for me!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Memories Day 2009

Ms.Asihath is Time For Us to Said Goodbye to you. You did a great Job. What ever you taught us we will still remember. Because you make the class fun and interesting. At the same time, what you taught us in stimulated wade we will still remember what you have taught us .


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why did I choose That course and not that Course?

Hi,friends. This is the story of why I took nursing course and why not other course. In the Bible of Jeremiah " For I know the plans I have for you said the Lord."They are plans for good and not disaste,to give you a future and a hope. My friends it is important for you to confess positive. Never confess negative thoughts. Because in Christ we can do all things through christ who strengthen me.

This is my story line, When I'm about results to come my heart would think about S.A.M in Disted College and business administration in Unity . So, I began to tell God is it the right choice to choose? but there is no answer and there is no reply from God.since that, I told myself why should i continue to pray. So, I began to stop pray. However,when im in youth service the words began to review to me it said trust in the Lord with all your heart;do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do and he will direct your paths. At first i refuse it, but the second time this words still review to me and said the same things. So, when i reach home i bend my knee and continue to pray but there is no answer .So again i began to stop the process again.

Then,when i start to clean up my room and suddenly saw a book it called " The Fourth Dimension" by Pas David. So, I began to reed the few chapter. The Lord really spoke to my heart and it told me when I pray , I didnt not really focus in him and put all my trust in him. Moreover, he said in the book what I pray does not list out specific. God told me that there is So many college and course. God told me that I kept ask me to bless me my education but i didnt mention it. So, I countinue to pray about S.A.M and Business. But there is no PEACE. But i dint border it no PEACE I have to go through. From there when my parents call me and said he want to fetch me from my secondary school because I have to settle my Certificate for my college . So, I say ok . At the results he took me to TAR College. Which I dont Want . So, This happen to me. I quarrel and ague that i dont want to TAR college. Then, Hours pass by, my dad called up to my aunty and ask her whether can I stay there.

This is the results, so my aunty ask what happen and why dont want to study business in TAR. But there is no answer.Then, My aunty and my cousin sister asked me why do you want to become business so i told them A-Z. So at the conclusions, they advice why dont i take nursing course. So, I began to get interested from there.

In conclusion, this course is not chosen by me and is a calling to ask me to do it. So, Obey it.
This is my opinion, when GOD SAYS NO IT MEANS NO. Dont ever try it, if not your life will be suffer. AND NEVER BLAM GOD.YOU HAVE TO BLAME YOURSELF BECAUSE GOD HAVE GIVEN YOU THE WARNING!