Friday, February 13, 2009

Prayer Meeting 2009

wow, today Prayer meeting is very good. This year is the first time having in 5.30am is so early . But quiet a number of people attend it. Dont know how describe it? is very very very super super extremely Good..... hope that it held every month



Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello, what we have done during school days..

This is our SPM Timetable!!!! we Drew all over the whole sheet of paper

what Vivian Choon Did with her biology note book... she from 5S3

what my friend did during accounts period
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During Accounts and chinese period we ate during class..
It delicious, spicy and tasty


Guess how many Newton..... you should go for a look is interesting men.
Dont miss it
If not mistaken adult is RM 20 and Children RM 12.

my brother is enjoying is Luch, unexpected he ate three time Lunch.

wow, nice place.

Boring Boat . I will never Forget


Don"t let SPM Result coming Out. Because very scared to see my school Friend. Think back SPM examination. I still remembered was very nervous and stomach pain during Moral Paper. Thinking SPM now Very very scared.. hey,guys who taking SPM this Year dont ever study last min. It will Kill your Brian Cell faster.so dont ever try that is very dangerous.

By the way, what Mr.Felix Photocopy for us like Essay, Lit, and Novel it really appear . But one thing is Poem part i dont really know how to do it.Because can say teacher taught half only. so pityful.


Guess What is it?

Guess what is this ????
A) A leaf
B) A snake
C) A cobra