Thursday, January 7, 2010


Wow, still leave one day to go and I am not ready for it. Hossana i have no problem for it but the problem is you are my God even the chords are easy but is hard to remember it. So, i have decided to catch via hearing no matter what. Anyway, I am welcoming acoustic guitar to my life hehehe.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Random Pic

KL trip 2009/2010

Times really flies and years 2009 had already pass for few days.

1st of Jan 2010
Before when down to kl i went to josh cousin sis britday party.After that about approximately 3pm ,Bro.MC Lee,Josh uncle,Josh,Joseph and myself. We reached kl about 6.30pm. Firstly,we went to Mid-valley. First place we went is bowling. The bowling center was awsome and romatic, because the serrounding was dark like enter to pub again.After bowling we went to guitar shop to look out various types of guitar and i brought guitar pick there too. After mid-vally we went for dinner . After dinner we went back to Josh grandma house stay and during the mid-night we woke up and out of sudden we felt hungry so approximately 3am Joseph,Josh and Myself walked to the near by 24 hours mamak stall to get our supper. as we walked to the nearest mamak stall we got a shocked and wonder why police came to the area and at the same time i wear like samseng like that.So,Joseph said :"Gabriel Police is going to catach you." Josh and myself replied :"got brain ah." after we passed via the police car we only know that the police is amied to catch those that is racing motorcycle on the road.After ate we went back to sg.long. For a few min later Jo slept like a little boy yet josh and myself was alert in the house so we decided to look out for some movies and watched. We watched naruto, crazy movies and animation movie. we watched from 4am to 7am. Then we went to sleep about an hour.

-The End-

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bowling results

Had a great time and fun time. I really santisfy with my holiday .