Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thinking what should I do.

I'm thinking what should I do after my study in Nursing. Im thinking work for three years in KL and Singapore without telling friend when to leave just leave in PEACE accept friend is close and friend that I wanted to share. hehehe.... Thinking after that doing my English paper test and then faster enter to the new world for experience and explode myself there and make myself comfortable and to full fill my life instead of make myself suffer. So i will continue to have this dream then continue study my Medicine if the willing of God . May my dream shall come through as i began my plan. Everything is not late as i believe.

Happy Belated Birthday

Hi, Ben ben! You are really truly great great best friend . Just want to SAY a BIG Big!!!! THANK YOU . Sorry for wishing you so late i guess is been already one month hope you dont angry ya.... GOd BLess.

6th July 2010

5.00am- Awake and prepared myself for new beginning of my practical work in Seberang Jaya
Hospital. Had a wonderful breakfast with cereal.

5.30pm- Began my Journey from my house to college for transport to Seberang Jaya Hospital.

6.45am- All my course mate reached in Ward 8-Surgical and Orthopedic ward.

7.00am- All of us begin our chores for the day such as Vital signs(TPR, BP and SPO2),
Sponging the patients,clear the bed,clean the patient wound,serve medication and
last but not least Doctor/hoursemen and housewives rounds.

10am - We had done almost our chores and we begin our own interview and physical
assessment. These help us to collect the patient data and perform some own case
study. At the same time I sent my patient for plastic bandage.

12noon- One of the staff nurses requested me to sent the patient for Echocardiogram.
Mean while I heard learn something new about the heart and the real location of
heart that taught by Medical Assistance.

1.00pm- Prepared and go back

3.00pm- Home sweet home

Monday, July 5, 2010

Diary 5th July 2010

4.30am - wake up from my bed with steam face , bone and joint fell pain. When for 15 minutes bath and apply aqueous cream on my face to prevent dry skin.

5.00am- started my journey from Air Itam ---> Green Hall

5.30am- Reached College awaiting for uncle to fetch my friend and I to Seberang Jaya

6.15am- Started our journey from SEGi College---> Penang Bridge----> Hospital Seberang Jaya

6.30am - Reached at Hospital seberang Jaya. Approximately 10min waste waited on others course mate to reach the main entrance. They reached at the main entrance around 7.15am. While we waited for them my friend and I went for early breakfast in hospital cafeteria.

7.15am- All of use are waiting for the Manager in the ward to brief us and orientate us from A to Z..... Wow, tell you guys it was awesome and especially the FORENSIC room was such cool that I had never been seen before with my own eyes.

8.00am- SEGi College and Bukit Merah College combine together for orientation

9.00am- We nearly took 1 hour and half for orientation. The Manager in the Ward wanted us to go Surgical and otopedik ward. Anyway it is fun. because get to see sorts of wound and fracture bones in the ward..

that is the end on how we spend in SEBERANG JAYA HOSPITAL...... COME STUDY NURSING.....